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    *This is the one you download from the site but I have removed the watermark or Logo. Enjoy!*
    HD Webplayer is a Powerful Joomla Video Extension to play HD videos online. The Download package consist of Component, Module & Plugin that requires single installation.

    The Flv Player used in the extension is built in Flash Language Version as3. The Extension Supports all major Video formats such as flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, f4v, m4a, m4v, mov(h.264), sdp, vp6, smil etc...

    To make the Webplayer Component more Handy, HELP ToolBar is added in each Component Page.

    The Development team has taken special care for security by following Joomla's Security Tip's during development. So, the Component is completely safe for your websites health.

    The Flv Player used in the extension is Well Optimized for Excellent CPU usage.

    * HTML5 Fallback for iPhone & iPad.
    * The Flv Player supports all major Video formats such as flv, mp4, 3g2, 3gp, aac, f4b, f4p, f4v, m4a, m4v, mov(h.264), sdp, vp6, smil etc...
    * The Extension includes option to upload the Videos through the Component admin.
    * The Flv Player supports the Youtube's authorized API to play their videos. So, Playback of Youtube Videos are based on Terms & Conditions of Youtube.
    * The Player supports all Major CDN(Amazon) services, RTMP and Lighttpd Videos.
    * The Extension includes option to Create & Play Category of Videos.
    * The Module & Plugin of HD Webplayer has option to select multiple category for the player.
    * The Flv Player has built-in Open / Close type Video Gallery to show the videos in more compact way.
    * The Extension has support for Google Adsense outside the player.
    * The player has support for general Playback configurations such as Autoplay, Playlist Autoplay, Setting up Initial Volume Level, Setting up Initial Buffer Time, etc...
    * Option to change the Flv Player's Skin Modes such as Float & Static.
    * Option to Enable / Disable Skin elements from the player.
    * Refer a Friend Inside the Player.
    * Share with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Digg, StumbleUpon,etc...
    * Embedding the Player to another site.
    * Upload using FFMPEG.
    * Single Video support for plugin.
    * HD ON / OFF inside the player.
    * SMIL support for Multi-bitrate Streaming.
    * Option to have Playlist Open / Close by default.
    * Sorting / Ordering & Filtering for Videos.
    * Security Token & Load Balancing for Wowza Streaming server.
    * Support for Dailymotion API to play Dailymotion videos.
    * Video Search Module.
    Demo: http://www.hdwebplayer.com/joomla
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