[HCM] Joomla Frontend Developer (JS, CSS) | Up to 15 Mil

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    RedWeb - Ho Chi Minh
    Salary: Negotiable | Experience Level: 3 Year | Quantity: 2
    Job Description

    • We are looking for a frontender who has at least 3 years experience as a frontender preferably good experience with Joomla or other PHP based CMS.
    • You will be a part of our international developer team. Everyday, you have to communicate in English, report status to project leader and work by project management tools and task on Atlassian.
    Job Requirement

    • Can send links to references online and document code contributions.
    • Building and implementing designs in Joomla websites.
    • Strong knowledge & Experience HTML5 coding (3 years+)
    • Strong knowledge & Experience on CSS script (3 years+)
    • Strong knowledge & Experience on JS / Jquery (3 years+)
    • And if you also have knowledge about Responsive design, MVC design pattern & GIT it will be a big plus.
    • Reporting the status to our Project Leader everyday
    • Understanding of software development processes.
    • Good English both speaking and writing
    • Creative, forward-thinking
    • Able to work and problem-solve independently
    • Stays on top of new technologies and industry trends
    • Codes for fun in spare time
    We offer

    • A top salary if you pass the interview and technical testing exam
    • You will work for one of the world’s leading Joomla Providers and Extension houses.
    • Open & young environment and a chance to grow fast with the growing of company in VN.
    • Join in the extracurricular activities every week/month (Play football, cooking, and some short travel every year, etc.)
    • Yearly company trip
    • Insurance according to Vietnam's Law
    You will work at our office in Vietnam (District 1, HCM City)

    **Please kindly apply your CV in English via email: [email protected]**
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