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    CDN for Joomla! is an extension for Joomla! that allows for easy integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN).
    If you are unfamiliar with a CDN, you can read more on the CloudCache site.
    Incorporating a CDN with your website gives you several benefits, including the following:
    • Faster Page Loads - Since most of your files will be served from a much closer location to your end-users, the speed in which your page loads will be greatly increased.
    • Reduced Server Load - Since most of your files are no longer served by your own host, your server will be freed up to perform the basic tasks required of it.
    • Handle More Visitors - Because of the improvements just mentioned and other factors, your website will be able to handle the strain of a much larger user base that it could otherwise.
    • Higher SEO Rankings - Caused by the increase in performance to your site, something Google recently claimed effects SEO rankings.
    Try out a CDN with your website to experience these benefits and more.
    Integrating your website and a CDN (like CloudCache or MaxCDN) with this plug-in is incredibly easy! See the tutorial on this simple process.
    Multiple CDN roots PRO ONLY

    With CDN for Joomla! you can setup multiple cdn roots for different file types. This way you can - for instance - use a separate cdn url for your images and js/css files.
    Pull Zones

    CDN for Joomla! is made to work with any CDN system that supports Pull Zones.
    A Pull Zone works in a way that you do not have to upload any media. The Pull Zone uploads the media to the CDN servers as soon as it is required. Read more on Pull Zones here:
    CDN for Joomla! does NOT upload files to your CDN server. As said, CDN for Joomla! only works with CDN systems that pull (upload) the media to the server on request.
    CDN Providers

    Here are some popular CDN providers that will work with CDN for Joomla!
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