1. sh404SEF® released

    Today we released sh404SEF® 4.3.0 (build 1671) which is compatible with Joomla! 2.5 and 3.x.

    This is an Feature and Maintenance Release.

    Most notably this release includes new features such as: built-in One-Click Update, Google Analytics Universal support, and Google Tags Manager support.

    IMPORTANT: You MUST UPDATE your sh404SEF® first, before any attempt to upgrade Joomla! from 3.1.x or older to 3.2.x. Doing so will likely results in broken web site. If you do so, please see FAQ on support site.

    Changelog Updates for sh404SEF®

    [new] Addes support for Google Tags Manager
    [new] One click update either through Joomla! updater or built-in auto-updater
    [new] Added Google Analytics Universal snippet handling
    [chg] Account for upcoming Googlebot mobile user agent change
    [chg] Updated Dutch translation - Thanks JoomlaDownloads
    [chg] Updated Russian translation - Thanks Alex Smirnov
    [chg] Make sure default ACL record is written to database upon installation
    [chg] Added back remote configuration option to configuration page
    [chg] Removed deprecated view code
    [chg] More explicit error messages when saving config, urls, duplicates
    [bug] Error message not displayed when server is not responding at all to new version or security stats requests
    ... and various additional changes and fixes.
    The full sh404SEF® changelog for sh404SEF® is also available.
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